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What is the most cost effective equipment purchase for your business?

Before you put the money down to buy new equipment, make sure you know how much it is actually going to cost you.

Operating costs can be many

times the purchase price if you

buy simply on ticket price.


Energy Allstars identifies the most efficient equipment in each class and calculates OpEx savings you can capture buying elite equipment.

Case Study
Refrigeration Display Case

  • Energy Allstars versus a display case that complies with the Minimum¬†Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).
  • Advanced Refrigeration Technologies (ART) four door refrigeration display case model JCM MT-900-4-H-SC-D delivers savings of more than $4,000 per annum.
  • That’s a return of more than 40% on the additional capital required to buy the best.
  • Calculations based on electricity price of 20c/kWh.

Smart Business Owns Allstars

Don’t make the mistake of just buying equipment on the basis of just upfront cost, in many cases you will pay the difference many times over in energy costs before you get to replace the equipment and revisit your original decision.