About Us

Energy Allstars is an initiative of Expert Group, trading in NSW as Expert Abatement Pty Ltd, established by experts in energy efficiency and regulatory measures.

Equipment Suppliers: Energy Allstars is an independent tool, assisting your company’s own marketing of elite efficient equipment, endorsed by government and appealing to potential customers interested in obtaining the benefits of purchasing the best-available technology.

Equipment Purchasers: Energy Allstars allows small to medium sized businesses to stay focused on their bottom-line by transforming energy costs into profit.  The website systematically identifies energy efficient and low-carbon emission equipment (with compelling payback periods and long-term sustainable benefits).  The website permits potential purchasers calculate returns on investment for the most efficient in class and access all available support.

Government officials: Energy Allstars provides vendor-independent confirmation of the most efficient pieces of equipment in class and fills the current policy gap by promoting equipment with the lowest carbon footprint.

Energy Allstars addresses market failure by providing accurate and reliable information to assess the most cost-effective equipment purchase for potential customers.