What is Energy Allstars?

Energy Allstars is the trusted reference site created by the Expert Group identifying elite energy efficient air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment, helping Australians save money and protect the environment.

Energy Allstars was established to:

  • Identify the most energy-efficient products that save energy without sacrificing performance, features, or comfort; and,
  • Assist purchasers in understanding the financial benefits (i.e. Simple Payback and Return On Investment) of investing in equipment that meets the Energy Allstars performance benchmarks.

What are the Energy Allstars equipment categories ?

In 2018, the Energy Allstars equipment categories focus on specific parts of the cooling industry including:

  • Refrigeration Display Cases used in food retail;
  • Chillers used for space cooling in larger commercial buildings;
  • Variable Refrigeration Volume (VRV/VRF) Air Conditioners used in commercial buildings; and,
  • Close Control Air Conditioners for data centres.

The Energy Allstars’ team is working with industry and government to expand into other technology and equipment categories.

How are Energy Allstars defined ? 

Energy Allstars are the elite energy performers of each class of equipment, the efficiency level of which are defined by efficiency factors published by the Clean Energy Regulator.

These eligible equipment types can participate in the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund High Efficiency Commercial Appliances Methodology administered by the Clean Energy Regulator. Equipment that meets these extremely high-efficiency standards can be identified as the most efficient available in the Australian market.

What is the GEMS register ?

The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) public register is the list GEMS products and can be viewed or downloaded from www.energyrating.gov.au.

All of the products assessed by the Energy Allstars team are GEMS products and it is a legal requirement for those products offered for sale to satisfy Minimum Efficiency Standards (MEPS) and publish the efficiency levels based on the relevant Australian standards (technical and test methodology) cited in the legislation.

What is MEPS ?

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are the minimum efficiency requirements that products regulated under the legislation must achieve.

How will Energy Allstars work with similar overseas schemes ?

Energy Allstars will work with the Australian Government and industry organisations about recognising super efficient equipment already participating in reputable schemes overseas. The aim is to lower any participation cost to resident companies with complying equipment and to facilitate Australians purchasing the most efficient equipment available in our marketplace.